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Carolyn Browne Tamler, Marketing Consultant

Carolyn Browne Tamler has over 30 years experience as a Public Involvement/Marketing Research Consultant for public agencies and private companies; she has facilitated hundreds of meetings and retreats and has special skills in planning marketing concepts, visioning and prioritizing future business and personal goals, and methods to achieve these goals.

Carolyn Browne Tamler

Your Whidbey Island resource for:

  • Facilitation and Project Coordination

  • Individual business development
  • Group/business strategic planning
  • Marketing concepts
  • Meetings
  • Workshops/Seminars/Retreats
  • Public education programs
  • Marketing Research

  • Focus group discussions
  • Statistically valid random sample surveys
  • Written surveys/web surveys/intercept interviews
  • Development and coordination of marketing research projects

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What others say about Carolyn:

“Carolyn’s professionalism and knowledge enabled everyone in our group to come away from her session with a clear understanding of what steps to take to make their business goals a reality. Her enthusiasm for empowering others is apparent in
her approach and style.”

Alina Frank, EFT Trainer and Workshop Facilitator

“GMA Research has utilized Carolyn's skills on a variety of marketing research and focus group studies. Her depth of experience and professionalism are great assets. We highly recommend Carolyn Tamler for design and facilitation of focus group discussions, marketing research studies and public facilitation processes.”
Don Morgan, Senior Partner, GMA Research, Bellevue, WA